RE/MAX P.A. Realty has helped buyers and sellers of real estate property for over a decade and currently handles at least 1/3 of the real estate business in the City. RE/MAX Prince Albert has one office here in the City with approximately 14 agents to serve the public. The RE/MAX offices are independently owned and operated and are considered to be the number one real estate company in Prince Albert.   Larry G Stewart is the Owner of the Prince Albert Remax office.



RE/MAX is the fastest growing real estate franchise in North America and is the only international 100% concept company with more than 67,000 sales associates! This astounding growth verifies that our tried and proven system benefits the associate as well as the public. This means more business and therefore more listings and more sales.


RE/MAX network grew at a record rate in year 2000, with a net gain of 6,658 Associates and a record 592 franchises sold. And growth continued solid throught the first half of year 2001. The biggest milestone: the 4,000-office mark. By the end of May, 4,020 offices were open around the world. Associate count stood at 67,424 - up from 64,128 at the end of year 2000.


RE/MAX Europe has a new-growth focus now in Central Europe, particularly Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. RE/MAX of the Pacific has opened its first office in Guam, joining the RE/MAX regions in Australia and Singaporre. South America and the Asia Pacific area are the regions that RE/MAX emphasis is on right now.



Founded in Denver in 1973 by Dave and Gail Liniger, it was based upon two critical requirements. First, attraction of top producing sales people in the industry and second, provisions for unexcelled service to its clients. To accomplish this the best sales people would have to be attracted to the company offering the highest possible compensation, excellent working conditions, and the finest services to help make sales people successful. To best service its clients the company had to be large enough to offer full services locally and nationally, but at the same time keep from being slow and bureaucratic. Around these concepts was formed the new RE/MAX 100% Concept.